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Topcashback Review

Welcome to my Topcashback review.  The cashback company that I am going to be reviewing here is called Topcashback.  They have a UK site ( and a USA site (

Before writing this Topcashback review, I had previously used many of the leading cashback websites in the past but I have personally been the most satisfied and impressed with the Topcashback company as their cashback rates are typically among the best if not the very best and they do not charge any annual fee.

topcashback reivew

In fact I have been incredibly impressed with this company, so much so that I feel compelled to write this Topcashback review about them and share the good news so that hopefully more people can benefit.  Having experienced many other cashback websites in the past, they are the only cashback website I use now and you can join topcashback for FREE here!

My Topcashback Review Video Demonstration

Cashback websites have become increasingly popular in recent years.  As more people make the shift from shopping on the high street to the convenience and often better prices of shopping frequently online – cashback websites make absolute financial sense!  In fact – if you are not using them you are effectively losing money by overpaying for some goods and services that a cashback website could be paying you a proportion of!

How do cashback websites work exactly and will I benefit from this topcashack review?

Whenever you want to buy something on the internet, or even sign up to a financial product or service such as car/home insurance or a credit card; rather than going directly to the companies website, simply click to the particular company via a cashback website first and you will get paid a cashback commission!

How much you get paid will vary quite a lot depending on the cashback rate for that particular merchant at the time.  Cashback ranges start from literally pennies and go up to well over £100 for some insurance products or subscription services.

As part of my Topcashback review, I have taken a screenshot of my account below so that you can see just how quickly this cashback can mount up.

Topcashback Review

Some people have said that cashback websites are not really worth it as the incorrect assumption is that the gains are too small.  However, do not underestimate the savings that actually can be made and the money that can and will be paid directly to you!  As you can clearly see from looking at the screenshot of my account, the cashback can and soon does add up!

With the recession making people feel the squeeze on their finances more that ever, everyone these days seems to be looking for ways to save and make more money!  With that said, I passionately believe that everyone can save or make money using a cashback website.  I also believe that most people could probably save/make at least an extra £50 per month average just by making sure they go through a cashback website when shopping for anything online rather than going direct.

The reality is that this is a tiny change in online shopping habits as all you have to do is remember to visit the cashback website first so that you can get paid!  It’s not difficult and I would imagine that after you have seen the first few payments reach your account – you will become hooked on the idea of always using cashback websites!

Below is a short list of some very popular destinations for earning cashback:

  • Home, car and pet insurance companies
  • Car breakdown insurance
  • Ebay
  • Mobile phones
  • booking hotels, flights or holidays

Like most cashback websites, Topcashback will require you to be a member, which is a free and simple sign up process.

Topcashback review – benefits of joining

  • FREE to join and no annual fee
  • Over 3500 merchants to shop with
  • Earn £15 by inviting your friends
  • Highest cashback guaranteed
  • No minimum payout threshold
  • Up to 110% commission return
  • FREE payout via either BACS, Paypal, Amazon gift certificate, a Love2shop high street shopping card

Please remember that you do not have to change your shopping habits at all to benefit from cashback!  You just need to make sure that it becomes a habit whenever you decide to buy anything online just to log in to your Topcashback account first and search to see if the online retailer that you are about to purchase from is listed.

If it is – just click through to that retailer from within the Topcashback website, carry out your transaction as normal with that retailer and your purchase will be tracked from within the Topcashback website and you will receive the relevant cashback for that transaction paid into your Topcashback account.  After a period of time, the cashback payment that you have earned will be available for electronic withdrawal to your bank.

Topcashback ReviewWhy do cashback websites pay out?  Cashback websites use affiliate links, which allows the retailer to track where the traffic is coming from, and then pay the cashback websites for the lead they have given them which resulted in a sale or a purchase.  Cashback websites simply drive traffic by giving their registered users some of the money they are paid.

The amount of money paid out can vary a lot and depends on what the customer buys and any other commercial deal agreed between the retailer and the cashback website.  Payment to the cashback website user can be on a per click basis, per transaction, per application, or per accepted application.

Larger cashback websites such as Topcashback also have direct relationships, which means they can offer a wider range of providers, earn more or negotiate their own totally unique and exclusive deals.

If you want to join Topcashback and get paid almost every time you shop online, then just click here to sign up for FREE and reap the benefits.  The sooner you start, the more money you will make!

If you have enjoyed my Topcashback review, please comment, like, tweet or share this post so that others can benefit from knowing this information.  Thank you.

Hopefully my Topcashback review will enable many people to save money and indeed make money when shopping online via their website.

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