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Time And Money – Ultimate Paradox!

I was outside playing with my eldest son the other day when I had a profound and reflective moment.  I started to think about the paradox of time and money.  I am sure we all know people who have jobs that pay good money.  Perhaps they might be a director in a company or run their own business for example.  These people tend to have what would be described by society as a good income, but these people are probably working 40-60 hours per week to earn that money – essentially trading their time for money.  The shame is that they probably do not have as much overall free time to enjoy spending that money.  On the other hand, we all know people who have lots of time on their hands but they generally don’t seem to have much money to be able to do what they would really like to do with their time.

How many people do you know who truly have a great balance between the time that they have and the money that they earn?  Not many I would image if we are being truly honest.

time and moneyMany people in life aspire to have both time and money but how many of us actually manage to achieve this?  How many of us sit down and make a plan as to how we are going to achieve this?  It is surely one of the most important and potentially life enhancing decisions we could possibly make for our work and home life balance!

A few decades ago it was generally considered to be the norm for a mother to stay at home to raise her children whilst the father would go out to work.  However if we fast forward to today, in 2013 we find that for a variety of different reasons including the worldwide economy that the norm is for both parents to need to go out to work to be able to support the family.  This means that unfortunately many children are not getting to spend as much quality time with their parents during the day as they are often having to attend nursery from an early age.

As most parents would ideally love to spend as much time with their children as possible as they are growing up, the best way to help make this a realty is to figure out how to replace your full time salary and more by only working a few hours per day from home.  It is all perfectly possible and approximately 5% of the working population manage to achieve this.  Most people who manage to achieve this successfully realise that network marketing combined with other online income streams are a very effective way to achieve this goal and to produce a decent residual income.  Yes, you will need to learn some new skills and yes you will need to be focused and determined.

How can you realistically achieve more time and money?

Thankfully, the internet has opened the doorway to those who are open-minded enough to explore alternative ways of earning powerful residual income streams which once established only require a small amount of time and money to run and maintain.  Leveraging the power of the internet to our advantage really can give us the best of both worlds in terms of having enough time and money if we know what to do and how to do it.  To become successful online you will need to align yourself with a good proven mentor who has experience of earning good residual income online.  I have been coaching and mentoring people from all over the world for many years now.  If you want things to change for you, then you will need to change.  Make that change today and connect with me here.  The first step is always the hardest and although you might be in business for yourself, you will never be by yourself. 🙂

Take a look here to see how you could get started today and finally have what 95% don’t have – more time and money!

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