Solid Trust Pay Review

Welcome to my Solid Trust Pay Review.  If you want to create or have already started to create multiple income streams online through a variety of different online opportunities, then you are going to need to register with a global payment processor.  There are several global payment processors that you can choose from (and you can register with more than one) but we would recommend Solid Trust Pay (often known as STP for short).  It is completely FREE to register for a Solid Trust Pay account here.

Many online opportunities or programs require you to use a payment processor such as Solid Trust Pay when uploading funds and withdrawing funds to and from the business in question.  You are able to load funds into your Solid Trust Pay account via credit card or bank wire.  You can transfer funds into your Solid Trust Pay account in whichever currency you require.  Most online business opportunities or programs operate in US Dollars or Euros.

Once your funds are in your Solid Trust Pay account, you can simply transfer them out quickly and easily to the business opportunity you are taking part in.  Once you have earned some money, you can then withdraw your earnings back to your Solid Trust Pay account and once in there, you can withdraw directly to your bank account if you wish.  There are many reasons why we recommend Solid Trust Pay.

Solid Trust Pay are widely regarded as one of the main global payment processors on the market, they have a simple registration process and their fees for funding and withdrawal are extremely low and competitive.  Solid Trust Pay also provide dedicated telephone and email support.

Solid Trust Pay Review

Solid Trust Pay Review – Setting Up Your Account:

This is the method to set up an account with solid trust pay (STP) to take money out of Online buisness into STP then into your bank.

Step 1 – Click here to go to Solid Trust Pay’s Website.

Step 2 – Click on the sign up link at the top right of the website and fill in all your details.  You will need to choose a username and 2 passwords.

Step 3 – Almost immediately you will receive an email confirmation from Solid Trust Pay.  Click on the link in the email and login with your username and password.

Step 4 – Take a clear full size photograph or scan of proof of ID (drivers license or passport).

Step 5 – Take a clear full size photograph or scan of proof of address (a utility bill dated within the last couple of months).

Step 6 – Take a clear full size photograph or scan of your bank statement (dated within the last couple of months and must contain full banking details including IBAN or Swift Code numbers if applicable).

Step 7 – Go to the “my banks & cards” tab then click on “view bank accounts.”  At bottom of the page where it says “upload” click on the link, at the bottom do the same.  Next you need to upload your 3 documents mentioned above and choose the correct file type for each and click on the “send documents” button.  You do not need to write any text in the comments box.

Step 8 – Go to the “my bank & cards” tab, then at the top where it says 1 – add bank account HERE, click on the link and fill in all of your bank details.  You will need the IBAN and SWIFT (international codes) which can be found on every bank statement.

Once you have completed Steps 1-8 above from my Solid Trust Pay Review, you just need to wait for 5 business days (minimum) to be approved.  After this, you should be successfully bank verified with Solid Trust Pay and will then be able to transfer money from STP directly to and from your bank.


This concludes my Solid Trust Pay Review.  Hopefully having now read my Solid Trust Pay Review, you will now be able to follow the steps necessary to create a free Solid Trust Pay account for yourself.

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