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Welcome to my SocialAdr review where I will be explaining what SocialAdr actually is and who could benefit from this service.

SocialAdr is basically an automated online social bookmarking service and social network marketing service that is completely powered by submissions from real people.  If you are involved in any kind of online business or opportunity that involves promotion of a product or a service, then you should be familiar with the importance of getting your content socially syndicated.  Social Media Syndication is “the process of simultaneously publishing content across multiple social media websites.”  This essentially means “liking”, “sharing” and “commenting” on peoples content across various social media platforms.

When we publish content online, whether from our blog or perhaps a YouTube video, the aim is generally to get as many people to see our content as quickly as possible.  If we can manage to rank our blog content highly in Google or our video highly in the YouTube search engine, then more people will be able to view our content.  Getting content to rank highly in the search engines is a skill that anyone can learn.  There are several pieces of the jigsaw that need to be in place in order for our content to rank quickly and highly in the search engines.

SocialAdr Review – The Importance Of Social Syndication

SocialAdr ReviewGetting our content shared on social bookmarking sites is one part of the jigsaw but a very important one!  In fact, search engines are paying particular attention to how much social syndication is taking place on every piece of online content.  Search engines view social syndication as a natural way of telling if a particular piece of content is popular.  As a general rule – the more social syndication takes place on a piece of content, the better rankings will ultimately be achieved for that piece of content and the more free traffic you will get!

Most of us will be familiar with sharing our own content onto Facebook, Twitter and Google+ once we have published a new piece of content.  Unfortunately however, just a few personal “shares” is never going to be enough to help our content to rank and be seen as popular in the eyes of Google!  If we are serious about getting our content to rank highly and getting it in front of a lot of people, then we ideally need to use an automated service or tool which will allow us to get a steady and increasing flow of social bookmarks from a variety of different sources.  This is where SocialAdr comes in!

SocialAdr Share To 26 Social Sites Automatically

SocialAdr currently has the ability to share our content across 26 social bookmarking sites in total including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and Delicious.  Of course, we can sign up to all of the social bookmarking sites ourselves, and then login to these accounts one at a time and submit each piece of new content to each social bookmarking site individually – but that would take absolutely ages!!  I believe it is far better to let an effective automated service like SocialAdr take care of this otherwise tedious job for us on complete autopilot so that we can get on with other things.

SocialAdr – 100% Google Friendly

The biggest question I had before using SocialAdr was is it natural and Google friendly?  The answer is 100% yes!  Social bookmarking is a totally genuine and natural activity that is encouraged by society in general and also by the search engines.  SocialAdr simply helps us to automate an otherwise slow and tedious task.  SocialAdr has a large membership base that shares content that we submit to it on a daily basis.

This is crucially important as it means that all of our social bookmarking backlinks will be coming from different people all over the world, all from different IP addresses.  This makes the whole process even more natural and is the reason why SocialAdr is so incredibly effective.  The social bookmarking backlinks that you receive are delivered at a natural looking and realistic pace which is what makes SocialAdr completely safe.

SocialAdr – My Experience & Results

SocialAdr ReviewAt the time of writing this SocialAdr review, I have been using SocialAdr for exactly 2 months.  I have found that almost all of my blog and video content is ranking much higher now than it was 2 months ago.  I have well over 200+ social bookmarking backlinks to all of the URL’s that I have submitted for sharing.  I always ensure that my blog posts contain good on page SEO anyway, so prior to using SocialAdr my content would rank reasonably well for my chosen keyword phrase.

However, what is really incredible is the the fact that many of my posts that were appearing towards the bottom of Google page 1 are now appearing towards the top of page 1 and content that was previously appearing on Google pages 2-5 is now appearing on pages 1-2.  I have monitored the results weekly for a set number of my URL’s and every single URL has shown a stready increase in rank and therefore traffic!

My best personal achievement so far using SocialAdr was to get a recent blog post to rank on Google page 1 position 1 within about 1 week of submitting the URL to SocialAdr.  Several of my blog posts have now ranked at the top of Google page 1, but the keyword phrase I was trying to rank for in the example below is extremely competitive and at the time of writing has over 11 million competing web pages!!

SocialAdr Review – Live Proof Top Of Google Page 1!

SocialAdr Review

At the time of writing this SocialAdr review I was on the top of Google Page 1!

Click here to see that I am still top of Google page 1!

SocialAdr Review – Pros & Cons

Pros: Price (between $40 – $100 per month), simplicity, quick results, real people promoting your sites.

Cons: The service currently only utilizes 26 social bookmarking and social networking sites.  More are expected to be added in the future as SocialAdr evolves.

SocialAdr Review – Price

As you can see from the image below, the price to use the SocialAdr service is very reasonable.  There is a free account option but the backlinks are not guaranteed.  However, to be honest, if you have a blog, create content or videos regularly and are serious about marketing, then you really need to go for one of the paid options so that you can get enough quantity and variety of social bookmarking backlinks to make a real noticeable difference to your rankings.  The ‘Lazy’ Link Builder price plan will be fine for many people and you can always upgrade or downgrade your account whenever you like.

SocialAdr Review

SocialAdr Review – Quick Video Demonstration

SocialAdr Review

SocialAdr Review – Conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to read my SocialAdr review.  SocialAdr is one of the most useful automation services that I have ever used period.  It has made a massive difference to the amount of traffic that my content is getting on a daily basis and my rankings are improving all the time as the number of natural bookmarking backlinks increase.  I feel good about the fact that my content is being steadily and naturally shared by real people on complete autopilot!  Of all the tools and services that I use on a monthly basis to help promote my content, SocialAdr is by far my favourite and the one service that I could not do without!  Having now performed a thorough SocialAdr review, I would not hesitate to recommend SocialAdr to anyone looking to invest in their business to improve their rankings, get more eyeballs on their content and generally drive more traffic.  SocialAdr gets my highest recommendation.

SocialAdr Review

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