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The Importance Of Offline Marketing

In a world which is fast becoming dominated by the ease of use of the internet, we need to remember that offline marketing has a crucial role to play when aiming for online success.

Lets get straight to the point.  Making money online and creating multiple income streams from home is a real skill.  Like any skill, it can seem very difficult at the beginning but with focus and determination you can learn and master the skills required to become successful.

For those of you who have been making money online or trying to make money online for a while will understand, your success will largely come down to how good you are at marketing!  When I say marketing I mean both online and offline marketing strategies.  Successful marketing leads to more eye-balls looking at your business and ultimately more traffic to your website or lead capture page.  Your marketing efforts both online and offline are what will generate you traffic – and we all want more traffic as it is the life blood of an online business.

As the internet speeds up so many of our daily tasks, it is easy just to focus our efforts on online marketing and completely forget about offline marketing.  However, if you want to become an experienced and successful marketer for your home based business you will need to have variety and consistency with your on and offline marketing.

For the home based business industry or the make money online niche, one of the most successful ways of marketing and promoting your business offline is to use drop cards.  These drop cards need to be consistent with the message of your business and they need to look as professional as possible.  I’m sure you have heard the saying – “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  This is especially true for offline marketing.

Below is an example of the drop cards that I personally use as part of my offline marketing techniques.  The cards are double sided with colour on the front and black and white on the back:

Offline Marketing   Offline Marketing

You can use these offline marketing drop cards in various ways.  You can put them on car windows (on the drivers side window in between the rubber and the window).  You can always carry some with you and give them out whenever you are out and about in a shopping centre or a restaurant or cafe – anywhere you can think of!

What other offline marketing methods or strategies are there?

There are many other forms of offline marketing available – ranging from placing ads in newspaper and magazines to sending out bulk mail and flyers.

If you only use online marketing as part of your marketing efforts, then you are missing out!  You will get much greater overall coverage if you use both online and offline marketing ideas consistently.  The more “rods you have in the pond, the more likely it is that you will catch a fish!”

If you are operating in a similar online niche to me and you would like to take order some drop cards just like the ones I have shown above, then please just contact me here.

These cards are available from a company called  If you are based in the UK, the artwork for this particular design of drop card has already been done.  You will therefore be able to order cards identical to this (with your domain name on) for a fraction of the official retail price.  You will need to mention my name to the printing company to ensure that you get the best price possible and they will also be able to refer to my orders as a comparison.

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