Most Popular Blogs For Women

There are practically thousands of blogs out there written for women. It will not surprise you either that some of the most popular blogs for women are written by women who are witty, articulate and empowered. I’m sure that many men read their blogs too, as they cover such a diverse range of subject matter, and are often written and presented in a very candid and engaging style.

Many of the most popular blogs for women began purely as projects – a way of chronicling and sharing their particular way of life. For those women with the determination to succeed and entrepreneurial vision to shape their future, they have managed to grow these blogs into extremely profitable businesses. This has allowed them to continue doing writing about their lives with passion and conviction and given them the financial freedom to be their own bosses and live according to their own rules. Who wouldn’t aspire to that??!

My top 3 Most popular blogs for Women – This amazing blog has quite a story to it. It is written by Heather Armstrong and started way back in 2001. She decided to post, among other things, about her career at the time working as a web designer in Los Angeles. However, her company found out about the blog and sacked her for writing about people she had worked with!! This even led to the creation of the word ‘dooced’ meaning to be fired from one’s job for writing about it on the Internet. Her blog follows her life trajectory and thus covers a wide variety of topics, all of which are written in an honest, charismatic and humorous style. – This is a great example of one of the most popular blogs for women. It is written by Ree Drummond, wife of a cowboy and mother of four, living on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma. Food is her first love and so there are endless posts, which include step-by-step recipes for all sorts of delicious dishes. She also has a real flair for photography and not only posts some beautiful pictures of her family, landscape, horses and animals on the ranch but also gives tips on how to take great photos too. – This blog is written by Danielle La Porte, a former think tank executive. She has written a number of books, some about Internet marketing and making money online, others about being an entrepreneur and starting your own business. Her posts are written in a quirky but immediately charming style. It’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular blogs for women as her writing is easy to connect with, it feels as though she is just speaking to you and so she has the power to captivate and inspire an audience.

most popular blogs for womenThis tiny selection of some of the most popular blogs for women merely scratches the surface of what’s available out there and the quality of the content is incredible.

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