How To Write A Blog

Ever wondered how to write a blog that people choose to read and regularly return to? Here are some really useful tips on how to write a blog that you NEED to know before you start writing.  It is worth remembering that all blog posts are written with a specific purpose in mind. Generally, they fall into two categories – either business or personal.  A business blog will be primarily focused on promoting products and services that may be of interest or benefit to the reader. On the other hand, a personal blog is more often along the lines of the writer sharing stories about their life experiences and interests.

When thinking about how to write a blog, the following points are essential.

9 amazing tips on how to write a blog that everyone needs to know:

Know your audience – it doesn’t really matter what you are writing about on your blog as long as you keep the content and tone of the post relevant and appropriate to the target audience.

How To Write A BlogUnderstand the significance of titles – choosing the right title for your blog post is crucial. Think of the title like a newspaper headline – it needs to entice people to want to read your post.  The title of this post ‘How to write a Blog’ is intended to draw in those who are needing help with where to get started. The more people that read your posts then the more interaction you will get and this will increase readership.

Promote interaction – ask for comments and feedback from your readership. Also, ensure that you answer questions from readers and take the opportunity, now and again, to thank them for leaving comments.

Break up the text with pictures & video – most readers of online content tend to scan read posts to decide whether to carry on reading. If the post is too text heavy then it’s likely that they’ll be put off and choose to read something else.  Text that is punctuated with pictures and videos is much more exciting and appealing, thus more likely to be read.

Be imaginative & creative with your content – given that there are over 150 million blogs online then it can be difficult to find something to write about that no-one else is AND that people want to read.  It’s more about differentiating your blog from others by making your content attention-grabbing, thought provoking and exciting.  The difference between your post and another on the same topic is YOU. It’s all down to demonstrating an engaging style of writing combined with good quality content.

Use links effectively – as often as possible, link your current post back to other of your own blog posts, which are relevant and can add value. This increases link juice around your site and will increase your ranking on Google.

Use social networking sites – there are plenty of them out there but, as a minimum, ensure that you post your current content to Facebook, Google + and Twitter. This will attract a wider readership of your posts and also encourage interaction, which is crucial to successful blogging.

Write posts regularly – some people will write 2-3 blog posts a day whilst others may only write 2-3 per week.  Remember that it is really imperative that you publish posts regularly, work out what you can commit to and stick to it.

Include a call to action – Most posts should finish with a call to action explaining clearly why the person should follow the action you are recommending, such as buying particular software etc.

In summary, when thinking about how to write a blog, if you consistently follow the 9 tips above then you will soon have a successful blog with a wide readership.

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