Free WordPress Blog Installation Service

In our quest to continue to deliver massive value to our readers, we have chosen to offer this unique Free WordPress Blog Installation Service where we will install and setup your WordPress blog for you 100% for FREE. We will not charge you a single penny for our time and effort in doing this for you. We have received a great deal of requests from our readers to provide a simple all in one solution to help people who are new to online marketing start their blog quickly.

Blogging is one of the most important ways to create an online presence for your business or opportunity and our Free WordPress Blog Installation Service will be incredibly valuable to most people starting out on their blogging journey. Blogging is also one of the best ways to drive lots of targeted traffic to your content for free from the search engines. The trouble is that most people do not have the required technical expertise to install and setup a blog correctly and this technical barrier often prevents people from starting on their blogging journey.

If you are among those individuals who are after an easy “done for you solution” to getting your WordPress blog totally installed and setup for you to start blogging, then our Free WordPress Blog Installation Service will benefit you enormously. Remember, you do not need much technical expertise in order to actually blog. If you can send an email and write a document on your computer then you can certainly blog!

How Do I Take Advantage Of This FREE WordPress Blog Installation Service?

It is exceptionally simple to benefit from our FREE offer. As well as the actual WordPress blog installation service itself we will also install the following plugins so that your blog is well optimized from day 1. Again we do not charge anything for this– it is 100% complimentary.

  • All In One SEO – Best SEO plugin for WordPress and if used correctly will help your content to rank well in the search engines
  • W3 Total Cache – This plugin makes your site load faster and helps your blog deal with more traffic as it grows
  • Akismet – Protects your blog from comment spam
  • Digg Digg – A sophisticated and great looking floating social media sharing bar.

To take advantage of our FREE WordPress blog installation service you will need to purchase 3 things.

  1. Domain Name from or
  2. Hosting from
  3. Theme from OptimizePress (this is the look and feel of the blog)

Free WordPress Blog Installation Service Video

Why Are We Able To Offer This Free WordPress Blog Installation Service?

The reason why we are able to offer this free WordPress blog installation service for you is because we receive a small affiliate commission from the hosting company (HostGator) and from the Theme provider (OptimizePress) for anyone who buys their hosting and their blog theme via our personal affiliate link. This is a win win situation because we will receive a small commission from the hosting company and theme provider for our time and effort and you will get the best price for your hosting by using our link combined with our coupon code which will save you 25% off your hosting price. We personally use HostGator ourselves to host every one of our blogs and like thousands of other internet marketers, we believe them to be the very best.

Step 1
Purchase A Domain Name (Approximately $10 Per Year)

The first thing you will do to do is purchase a domain name (if you have not already got one). If you are buying a domain for the first time and you would like to brand yourself online (which we would recommend) then simply choose to purchase if it is available. Alternatively you can buy a domain name that describes the services or product that you are wanting to advertise or blog about.

Godaddy domains are popular however we would personally recommend NameCheap. We use them for every one of our domains for 2 major reason. They are excellent value and they provide complimentary privacy protection on your domains registered address. Normally with other leading domain companies, privacy protection for a domain name would cost anything between $9.95 to $15 per domain per year but with NameCheap, you get this privacy put on your domain totally free for the first year then at a much lower rate for any succeeding years after that.

Just click the NameCheap banner below to go straight to the NameCheap website and purchase your domain name.

free wordpress blog installation service

Step 2
Purchase Hosting With HostGator (From $3.96 Per Month)

Now that you have bought your domain you will next need to buy hosting for that domain with HostGator. Click on the HostGator banner below which will take you to the HostGator website. Click on the “View Web Hosting Plans” link. Next you need to choose a hosting price plan. If you are only intending to host 1 domain, then choose the “Hatchling Plan” and if you are planning to host more than 1 domain choose the “Baby Plan”.

Once you have chosen between the Hatchling and the Baby plan, simply click the drop down box to choose your hosting price options (monthly, 6 monthly, yearly, 2 years, 3 years). The more hosting you buy upfront the cheaper the comparative cost per month will be. If you are unsure what to choose – a year is a good starting point and represents very good value for money. Once you have chosen, click on the “Order Now” button.

Next you will be taken through to a screen to customise your order. As you have already bought a domain by this stage, you need to select the option thats says “I already own this domain” and enter your domain name in the blank box where required. Next, choose a username and a pin number and fill in your billing details and payment method.

Finally, towards the bottom of the page there will be the option to enter a “coupon code”. Delete whatever coupon code may already be in that box and enter tristancraig as the coupon code and click on the validate button. This will save you the maximum discount available of 25% off your hosting price plan. Once you have done this, click on “Create Account”.

free wordpress blog installation service

Step 3
Special Bonus Offer – Premium Blog WordPress Theme Installation

The standard installation of WordPress automatically comes with a free theme that you can in theory use to start blogging straight away. A WordPress theme installation is essentially the look and feel of your blogs overall design. However, the free WordPress themes are unfortunately incredibly limiting in terms of their flexibility and do not generally offer a good professional look and feel for your blog.

We have used many different WordPress themes over the years and our favourite theme is the one that we use on this blog and we regularly get comments about its layout and good looks! The theme we use for this blog is called OptimizePress and it is a premium WordPress theme. We believe it is one of the most versatile, good looking and powerful themes available today. You can pick up your copy here for just a one-off cost of $97.

If you are 100% committed to the success of your blog and want to convey the most professional image possible whilst turbo-charging your online marketing efforts, then just take a quick look at the OptimizePress video here to see why investing a small one-off cost for this premium theme is money well spent. We will install and set up the OptimizePress theme inside of your WordPress installation 100% for free. Again, we are able to offer this service to you for free because we receive a small commission from OptimizePress when anyone makes a purchase of OptimizePress from clicking on our banner link below.

free wordpress blog installation service


We really hope that you find our Free WordPress Blog Installation Service to be massively valuable.  Once you have purchased your domain name with NameCheap, your hosting with HostGator and your theme with OptimizePress, you will receive a welcome email from each of those companies. Please send us the login details for each of them here so that we can get your blog installed quickly and efficiently.

Final Extra Bonus!

As part of our Free WordPress Blog Installation Service and to help your blog get off to a flying start from day 1, we will also build you a simple custom header for the top of your blog. Please forward any photos that you would like to appear in the header and any text and colours that you would like us to use and we will design and install this for you as well! Send this to us here.

We believe that the Free WordPress Blog Installation Service that we are offering here is extremely generous and represents fantastic value for everyone.

We hope you have found our Free WordPress Blog Installation Service offer beneficial to you and we would be grateful if you would leave us a comment to tell us what you think and also please share this post with others on social networks so that many people can benefit from it.


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