Create A Page On Facebook

To create a page on Facebook is basically the same as saying create a fan page on Facebook or a Facebook business page.  The process involved to create a page on Facebook is actually very straightforward but the steps involved are probably best explained in a video.

If you are involved in any online or offline business, the chances are that you are going to want to have or need to have an online presence for that particular business or niche on Facebook.  The reason why you would need to create a page on Facebook is so that you keep your personal Facebook profile separate from your business profile.  You ideally don’t want to promote your business or opportunity to an audience that is not receptive to it.  If you promote your business only to your own friends and family on your own personal Facebook profile then you risk being labelled as a spammer.  The chances are that only a small percentage of your personal contacts on Facebook are going to be interested in your business opportunity anyway so it is best not to lose friends by promoting in the wrong way on Facebook.

If you are constantly promoting your business and appearing in the news feeds or the Facebook walls of your friends, then you are going to annoy a lot of people!  You need to have a separate place to conduct your Facebook business and this is done via a Facebook fan page.  Once you create a page on Facebook, you can then build a list of loyal followers to your page and this is achieved by obtaining as many ‘likes’ as you can on your page.  People who like your Facebook fan page are obviously people who are interested in your product or service.  You can now discuss business or promote your business on your page

In order to create a page on Facebook, simply watch my video below and follow the steps through and you will have your Facebook fan page up and running in no time!  Once you have created your Facebook fan page you have a few simple steps to follow to customise it.  You will need to upload a profile photograph and a cover photograph.  The size for the Facebook cover photograph is 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high.  Finally you will need to update the descriptive areas on the fan page as shown on the video below with information about what the fan page is about.

Create A Page On Facebook – Video Guide

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Create A Page On Facebook

Hopefully you now know how to create a page on Facebook.


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