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Writing a blog is such a wonderful way of expressing yourself and it can be extremely liberating, so much so that one day you might be considered to have one of the best blog sites! Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online as it is possible to generate tons of free traffic from the search engines when you learn the required simple SEO skills necessary to get your blog posts to appear on Google page 1!

Whenever we search for something on Google for example, we always tend to look at Google Page 1 only, we never tend to look further than the first 10 entries on Google Page 1. We therefore need to make sure that our blog posts appear in one of the ten available slots on Google Page 1 (preferably as high up as possible) otherwise we are completely wasting our time as no one will ever see our content! However, the key to a great blog isn’t just about writing good stuff consistently though. It’s also about using one of the best blog sites and to ensure that you are utilising the right platform for your blog in the first place so that your blogging efforts are much more search engine friendly and more effective at generating you the most amount of free traffic.

Ok – you want to start your own blog but don’t know which are the best blog sites to use?

Look no further as I have summarised the pros and cons of the top 4 best blog sites.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are two types of best blog sites – one that you set up yourself and pay a hosting fee for and free blog sites. We will look at a mixture of both and which one you choose for your blog will depend upon the ultimate purpose of your blog.

Top 4 Best Blog Sites

WordPress is definitely one of the most popular and best blog sites available. It offers users the choice of starting a free WordPress blog on their own server or setting up a hosted blog at One of the many great features of WordPress is the ability to customise your blog easily. Though initial set up isn’t as simple as some platforms, once underway, there are several themes and gadgets to ensure your blog is highly individual. It’s also good to know that WordPress can support you whether you have a single blog or multiple blogs. It’s versatility and general ease of use is why we recommend it as one of the best blog sites around.

best blog sitesBlogger is a free blogging facility owned by Google (formerly known as blogspot). It is basically a Google blog. One of the main advantages of using Blogger is the quick initial set up and the fact that it is really easy to use. Account set up is quick and efficient meaning that you can be writing your first blog post within minutes of creating your account. There are numerous different templates available to adapt your blog and make it unique. It’s also possible to make money from your blog on blogger using Google AdSense. You just open an AdSense account and you will earn money when people click on your ads.

Tumblr is best suited to those who want to write short, informal blog posts known as micro-blogging. It is one of the best free blog sites for this type of blogging, which generally features posts that are fairly concise and often contain mixed media, i.e. video clips/photos. It is extremely simple to use and this condensed form of blogging requires less input from the user than a traditional blog. Tumblr has sky rocketed in popularity since its launch and now has over 64 million blogs.

Empower Network – For just $25 you can get started with your very own blog from Empower Network. This is one of the “best blog sites” for people looking have their own blog or to start a business online and who are determined to make serious money from it. This is known as a viral blogging system due to its ability to generate large amounts of traffic. The benefits are numerous: you start with a “done for you” WordPress blogging platform that is all set up, no technical knowledge required at all. Your blog posts will automatically receive a much higher page ranking from Google as Empower Network is one of the top authority sites in the world. Empower Network contains a series of training products as well within the blogging platform itself which again are optional but will help to take your blogging efforts and indeed your online income to a much higher level.  You also have the option if you wish to recommend the Empower Network blogging platform and the training products to others and you will be paid 100% commissions for doing so.


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Best Blog Sites – Conclusion

These four recommendations of the best blog sites illustrate their differences and their pros and cons. My personal favourite is Empower Network, although not a free blog site, for the potential and opportunities it offers to make life changing amounts of money and give time freedom, it is one you cannot afford to ignore.  To see what an Empower Network blog looks like (although it is fully customizable) – take a look at my Empower Network personal blog sites here.

As an experienced blogger myself, it is clear that the best blog sites are not free.  Sometimes you have to pay for what you get – and that is certainly true with blogging and making money online in general.  There are always going to be certain products and services that you will need to help you become more effective and efficient with your online endeavors.  I hope you have found this information interesting and helpful.

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