Hi – I’m Tristan Craig. Welcome To My Website!

I graduated from Durham University in the UK in 2000 having achieved a 1st Class Honours Degree in Education. In 2003 my wife and I got married and we also now have two young sons who we absolutely adore! I have been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember and that is something that I am really passionate about!

I decided to create this website to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for all things entrepreneurial and ultimately so that I can help other people.

Hopefully you will enjoy my website and pick up a few simple tips and strategies that will help make life taste that little bit sweeter!

In todays economy, the cost of living has never been higher. It is surely therefore important to maximise your income, your savings and your investments. There are simple things that we can all do every day to achieve this. It all just starts with a few simple disciplines or routine and mindset.

There is hopefully something for everyone on my website – so please feel free to navigate yourself to the top of the website and choose the menu headings that interest you.

My entrepreneurial journey started when I became heavily influenced and fascinated by the lifestyle and freedom my grandfather was able to create throughout his life just by thinking differently to most people and generally thinking outside the box to create a simple life. A life of pleasure and freedom – a life of time freedom and choice. My grandfather passed away in March 2000 and I think about him and miss him every day. However, he has left a legacy in me. He has empowered me to think differently in order to create the life and the choices that I would like for my family and I will share this philosophy with my children as they grow up.

My grandfather was way ahead of his time. A bit like in Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad book – my grandfather spent his life gradually accumulating assets and not liabilities. He had various sources of income through shrewd investments of course – but he primarily specialised in one particular passion of his. Wine! He gradually accumulated vintage wine throughout his lifetime. Some to drink for pleasure to appreciate its quality – and some to invest for a future financial return.

Understandably – once I reached the age of 18 – it wasn’t long before I became extremely enthusiastic about wine appreciation and investment myself! I took a gap year before going to University and I decided to work in a wine shop as an assistant manager. I took my qualifications in Wines and Spirits that year too (WSET) and continued to work as many paid hours as possible to save up as much money as I could during that year.

At the end of my gap year, my grandfather said to me, “why don’t you buy a few cases of vintage wine with the money you have earned during your gap year – and when you have finished University – just sell them for profit?” Without any hesitation – although I was about to spend an entire years salary on a few cases of wine – I absolutely knew this made sense and I trusted my grandfather 100%. My grandfather advised me to buy 4 particular cases of vintage red wine. I did so immediately upon his advice.

I went to University and had the time of my life! I was fortunate enough to meet my wife Madeline – the love of my life in my first year at University. I had no debt because I had taken a gap year to earn money, although clearly I spent most of it on 4 cases of wine!.

As I mentioned above, my grandfather passed away in March 2000 and I graduated from University in July 2000. After graduation I did exactly as my grandfather had advised me to do some 3 years earlier. I got the 4 cases of wine valued and then proceeded to sell them through the London auction houses. I could not believe it! I had literally quadrupled my investment! I was absolutely astounded but in awe of my grandfathers vision and foresight.

On reflection, these 4 little cases of wine would signify the beginning of something incredibly special and significant in my life. My wife and I were able to provide a sizeable deposit for our first home, but, much more important than that, I knew in that moment in time that my mindset was changed forever. I would always strive for a better way of doing things and would quickly become adept at thinking outside the box. I started to get good at taking sensible but calculated risks on investments. I was fast becoming an entrepreneur and this was the start of my entrepreneurial life!

Hope you have enjoyed reading about what has sparked my entrepreneurial journey and I hope it inspires you to take action to shape the choices in your life, whatever that looks like for you!

I hope you get loads of value from my website and I look forward to connecting with you soon.

To your success…..

Best wishes,

Tristan Craig